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Xtreme ARF BAe Hawk T1

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€ 4.499,00 incl. BTW


Turbine stuwkracht 16 - 20 Kg
Soort model Schaal jet

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Xtreme ARF BAe Hawk T1


The Hawk is built utilizing advanced composites, forms, ribs, control board and turbine housing are constructed in Carbon Fiber.

Each model are serialized from the beginning to the end for a single customer and it will be shipped with the QC form indicating step by step all the building phases that the plane has undergone, resulting in the final approval and released from the QC department.

Accessories are included on this jet like, undercarriage, air valves, airlines, connectors,etc...Landing gear, wheels and brakes, doors, and other major components are professionally installed for you when buying the RTF version.
Spare parts and touch-ups will be sent with the model.


We strive to get our Jets closest possible to the full scale ones, we target
quality and security on all of our airframes. Each Jet is state-of-art build.

  • Fuselage Length: 2480 mm
  • Wing Span: 2080 mm
  • Power Plant: 28 to 42 Lb (13 to 19 Kg)
  • Radio Control: 12 Channels 11 Servos
  • Color Scheme and finishing according to customer specifications


  • Choose your color scheme
  • Scale Landing Gear (Optional)
  • Scale Leading Edge Flaps (Slats)
  • All Forms are in Carbon Fiber
  • Operational Scale Canopy(Optional)
  • Scale Cockpit(Optional)
  • Too much to say


Pneumatisch landingsgestel € 999,--
Uitlaat pijp € 149,--
Missiles/drop tank set € 89,--
Wieldeuren cilinder + scharnier set € 89,--
Speed brake € 69,--
Schaal cockpit € 306,--
Ready To Fly € 259,--

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