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Kingtech K450G4

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Kingtech  K450G4

The G4 turbines now have a KT-Bus system, only one cable to the turbine via XT30 connector, integrated fod screen, brushless starter, new features, app * for Android and IOS, ECU mainboard, all parameters and timers integrated in the RPM sensor in the turbine.
Data relay module (DRM) integrated in the turbine, DRM transmits data, signals and power distribution, bluetooth, USB connection for upgrades and later planned features.

Diameter: 152.6mm
Length: 374 mm
Weight: 4.0kg
RPM Range: up to 25,000-90,000RPM
Max Thrust: 45 kg
EGT: 760°C max
Fuel consumption: 1100 g / min Fuel:
Petroleum, Diesel, Jet A1, Kerosene
Lubrication: 5%