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Kingtech K30G4

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Kingtech K30G4

New KingTech K30G Restart turbine with integrated kerosene start, valves, control unit and Fod scree. By this construction you have only one fuel line and only one cable to the turbine, making a clean engine install a very simple task. KingTech turbines are delivered with all necessary accessories.

The kerosene pump and the ECU are the new from KingTech with Restart system and Touchscreen GSU.

All KingTech engines have "lifetime warranty" but only in conjunction with the manufacturer regularly provide service is performed. KingTech are precision engines Made in Taiwan.

Runs on kerosene JetA1 with 4-5 % turbine oil.

Delivery: KingTech K30G Restart with autostart, All New KT Restart ECU, display and programming unit, kerosene pump, hose and cable set, stopcock, mounting clamp and instructions.

Diameter: 62.9mm
Lengte: 160mm - inclusief starter
Gewicht: 450g - inclusief starter
Max. toerental: 43.000 - 235.000 MAX
Stuwdruk: 3,0 kg @ 15° C.
Uitlaatgas temperatuur: 720°C
Brandstofverbruik: 120 g / min
Smering: 5% Turbine olie (Mengsmering)
Brandstof: Diesel, Kerosine
Onderhouds interval: elke 25 draaiuren