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Hispano Aviation Ultimatum 2.0

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$ 2,437.60


Turbine stuwkracht 10 - 14 Kg
Landingsgestel elektrisch of lucht Elektrisch
Soort model Sport jet

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Hispano Aviation Ultimatum 2.0

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An innovative structural design and its finish make the ULTIMATUM original and elegant.

Fully built in "vacuum technology" with new materials and the most advanced techniques.

The quality of the construction is higher compared to the standard in the market.

Quick and easy to build.

Factory construction and customized painting service is available.

The large opening at the top allows easy access to the turbine and all electronic components can be inspected completely.

The flight characteristics are incredible at all speeds, but where it shows its power is in the "high speed" flight, supporting a "G" that other models of the market would not support.

Thanks to this feature, the ULTIMATUM can be flown by less experienced pilots, but will delight the most extreme pilots.

The ULTIMATUM has been designed to be used with turbines from 10 Kg, but where you show your genius is with 16 Kg turbines.

Technische gegevens:

Spanwijdte: 2200 mm
Gewicht kit: +/- 5 Kg
Turbine: 10 - 16 Kg


Aluminium/Titaan uitlaat pijp
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Brandstoftank 3ltr
€ 245,--
Brandstoftank 3ltr & 1ltr rook tank € 375,--
Elektron Retracts landingsgestel met RB45
€ 895,--
Elektron Retracts landingsgestel met RS200 € 1005,--
'Black Edition' landingsgestel
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Air intake opening
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Neus landinsgestel opening
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Aansturings set met kogelkoppen Duraluminium
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Aansturings set met kogelkoppen roestvrijstaal / aluminium € 150,--
Roerhoorns gemonteerd
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Hoezenset voor de vleugels en staartvlakken (bubble versie)
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Vinyl decal set 'Andys-Folienwel'
€ 300,--