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Composite ARF Eurosport Evolution

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Turbine stuwkracht 16 - 20 Kg
Soort model Sport jet

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Composite ARF Eurosport Evolution

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The CARF-Models Eurosport is one of the most successful jets in our product range. It’s a fact that the Eurosport has conquered the flying fields in the past decade unlike any other jet in the world.
If you consider it as your first jet, welcome to the club, you won’t be disappointed. It is the perfect second jet, if you are already flying a jet trainer. If you have all kinds of jets in your hangar, this Eurosport Evolution will be your fun jet for the coming flying season. Simplicity and prefabrication! That’s the approach we took to evolve this jet through all the years. Performance wise, the Eurosport is a breathtaking example of combining all flying styles from slowest 3D flight to fast, smooth, widely stretched passes and aerobatics. And on top of it all, it is one of the most rugged examples of model jets out there, taking any kind of abuse.

The Eurosport has passed several stages in its life span. Created in the year 2002, it had been reinforced in several steps since then and became a very strong and reliable 2nd generation airframe. But even if a Jet Model was as successful as our Eurosport, it would not be very wise to hold back on continuous improvements. Hundreds - thousands of satisfied customers have helped with very constructive feedback to continuously improve our Eurosport into the 3rd generation, which we now call Eurosport Evolution.


Some features of the 3rd generation Eurosport Evolution:

  •  A new wing airfoil signs for wider speed range. Even more stunning slow flight / 3D characteristics and better tracking at high speeds as well.
  • Strong gear mounts from aircraft grade plywood guarantee that even the heaviest use on tarmac and grass runways will not cause damage of the structure.
  • More details on the surface panel lines on the new wings. Scale wing tips and wing roots make it even more attractive.
  • An enhanced design of the large bottom hatch makes the build easier and the operation safer.
  • New exhaust cone design, new wing tips, new gun shape in wing root to adjust to the current looks of the scale Eurofighter.
  • A complete rocket and droptank arsenal for individual personalization, gear door kit and speed brake kit are available as accessories.

And of course, the Eurosport Evolution has inherited unbeaten advantages from his predecessors. Sandwich wing, canard and fin. Removable fin for easy transport and storage. Light weight and strong. Wet layup fuselage for enormous strength and rigidity, all formers for wing mount, canard mount and engine mount already installed. Highest prefabrication, as known from CARF Models, ready to drop in landing gear, radio equipment and engine. Only a few very basic construction steps have to be completed. Painted in the molds with no additional surface treatment necessary for a stunning, ready to fly finish. Completed with all necessary hardware, a very detailed instruction book, which gives all setup advises for the not so experienced modeler. The Evolution kit has the highest prefabrication standard ever seen on a Eurosport.

Flying Performance

the plane makes it capable of manoeuvres, which we wouldn’t have thought any Jet can perform. The effective canards and the large elevons are responsible for this kind of manoeuvrability. The new, clean aerodynamic layout, however, is responsible for fast, smooth flying and precise aerobatics.