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DITEX Full-Digital Telemetrie Servos
The DITEX servo is an innovative self-development from hacker-motor. The intended purpose was the development of a servo, that exceeds the previously all known servo techniques in precision, safety, strength, speed.
·Telemetrie Data Transmission: Telemetry feedback when overload, current and voltage fluctuations, mechanical overload
·Full-Digital Function: Processor-controlled electronics , revolutionary Encoder
For more information , videos and software , please visit: www.DITEX-Servo.com
The TD0606M is our current smallest servo in the DITEX-series. This allrounder in the Micro Class has all outstanding, innovative features of hacker DITEX servos. It is a small powerhouse with fast positioning speed .
True 6kg torque at 8.4V with a positioning speed of fast 0,06sec/60 ° and the innovative technologies of DITEX
are perfectly suited for all applications where space and light weight are required.
For example, RES - gliders , HLGs , EPO models and Helicopter of the 250 - 400 class and similar applications .
Technical data:
width (mm) : 12
length (mm): 23
height (mm): 29
weight g)  : 23
operating time @7,4V/60° (sek): 0,07
operating time @8,4V/60° (sek): 0,06
Torque @7,4V (kg): 5,7
Torque @8,4V (kg): 6,0
Operating voltage (Volt): 4,8 - 10,0
Bearing: Ballbearing
Gear output: Futaba
Motor: Coreless
Gear: Metall
Housing: Vollaluminium
Kabel: twistet, highflexible
Highvoltage: yes