Emcotec Battery Backer DPSI 2018

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Emcotec Battery Backer DPSI 2018

Dual power supply which converts the M signals of five popular receiver systems to S.Bus and PWM signals. The system offers the possibility to connect up to 36 servo motors.


With the S.Bus system, several servo motors can be connected to the DPSI 2018 with just one single S.Bus cable. Consequently, there is only one cable that needs to be run through the fuselage to the tail and two additional cables to connect the wings.

The servo motors can be connected to the S.Bus cable at the very spot where they are needed using special S.Bus terminal blocks. Each servo motor can be addressed via its own unique identifier.


The connected S.Bus servo motors can be programmed - e.g. using a laptop - directly via the receiver input of the DPSI 2018.

Channel set-up, pulse width, rotation direction and delay between pulses etc. can be conveniently adjusted using the computer software.

With S.Bus terminal blocks that have a special PWM adapter, even conventional servo motors can be connected to an S.Bus cable. In this case the terminal blocks are adressed and programmed via an own unique identifier not the S.Bus servos.

Multi Transmitter compatible

At the moment, the new dual power supply DPSI 2018 can be used with five popular receiver systems:

  • Futaba S.Bus / S.Bus 2
  • Spektrum DSM2 / DSMX
  • Multiplex M-Link
  • Graupner/SJ HOTT
  • Jeti duplex PPM / EX Bus
  • JR sum signal

Telemetry function

The DPSI 2018 is compatible to the Jeti duplex 2,4EX telemetry. The connected receivers (RSat2) must be plugged to the DPSI 2018's COM ports with an adapter cable. So also telemetry transmission is redundant. All important parameters of the DPSI 2018 will be transmitted in real time to the Jeti transmitter (or to the JetiBox). In total 15 parameters giving information of the recent status of the receiver system will be transmitted. Among this are:

  • Voltage of both connected receiver batteries
  • Current per battery and total current of the dual power supply
  • Recent output voltages of the three outputs "A", "B" and "C"
  • Receiver quality of both receivers in percent
  • Temperature of the DPSI 2018's heat sink
  • Used capacity per battery and used capacity of both batteries in total
  • Available remaining capacity from both receiver batteries

Additionally to the telemetry data also errors from the receiver systems will be transmitted (e. g. undervoltage, cable break, receiver errors, etc.). A morse code that can be outputted acoustically by the transmitter is assigned to each error type. The user also can set threshold values in the transmitter and assign individual speech output when these will be exceeded or deceeded.

Receiver switch

To achieve receiver redundancy, two receivers or up to four Spektrum satellite receivers can be connected. The DPSI 2018 automatically identifies and chooses the receiver with the best signal strength.

PWM adapter for standard servo motors

With the aid of PWM adapters, even standard servo motors can be used in the DPSI 2018's S.Bus system. The PWM adapters are available as S.Bus terminal blocks or as an assembled S.Bus lead.

S.Bus accessories

The DPSI 2018 can be used with any accessories that fit Robbe's PSS 2018. All S.Bus wing leads and adapter cables, S.Bus terminal blocks, PWM adapters etc. are fully compatible with the new dual power supply DPSI 2018.

Configuration and rating

The DPSI 2018 has four S.Bus outputs which are arranged in pairs. Each pair has its own voltage supply that can be set to 5.4V, 6.0V, 6.6V or 7.4V.

The dual power supply can handle 20 amps continuous current and - for a short period of time - up to 50 amps peak current.

Besides the S.Bus outputs, the DPSI 2018 also features ten additional ports for standard servo motors.

Flight data memory

The DPSI 2018 has a built-in SD card slot. The most important flight data - e.g. current, voltage and battery capacity - can be recalled via the attachable LCD box or saved to the SD card.

Delivery contents

  • Battery backer DPSI 2018
  • Switch actuator according to variant selection

Important notice when using Futaba systems
Please use only the 7008SB receiver in combination with the DPSI 2018 until further notice. The 7003SB receiver cannot be used at the moment.

Power sources 5, 6, 7-zellige NiCd / NiMH, 2-zellige LiPo, LiFePO4, LiIon
Operating voltage range 5,5V bis 13,2V
Nominal input voltage 6,0V bis 8,4V
Quiescent current (switched off) Ca. 1µ A pro Akku
Quiescent current (switched on) Ca. 220mA (ohne Empfänger)
Drop-out losses @ 4A Ca. 0,4V
Maximum power dissipation (continuously) 12W (mit Lüfter 20W)
CE test Gemäß 2004/108/EC
Max. peak current 50A
Permissible temperature range -10°C bis +70°C
Max. continuous current 20A
LCL filtering (EMI) Für jeden einzelnen Servoausgang
Dimensions 122mm x 80mm x 33mm
Weight Ca. 200g (ca. 220g mit Lüfter)
# of servos Bis zu 36 Servos