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Alewings UniPower3B


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Alewings UniPower3B

UniPower3B radically changes the concept of on board power supply. With only three batteries it generates the necessary outputs for all on board devices. Two batteries (2S LiPo or LiFe) are for the redundant supplying of servos, receiver and all on board devices such as gears, lights, brakes ecc.. The third, 2-3S LiPo or LiFe, is only for throttle. It means that you will have redundancy not only for receiver and servos but for all on board systems (excluded the supplying of the engine in case of UniPower 3B). In fact this version is specific for cases when the supply voltage of the engine is different from the supply voltage of other devices (servos, receiver ecc...) . The typical example is turbine supplied by 11,1V 3S LiPo battery.

Thanks to the presence of two batteries and double circuits, if one power supply way has a problem, the other comes into operation. So all outputs (exluded the separate way supplying the engine) are always assured.

You can choose three different operating modes:

- Single battery (if you want to use only one battery for supplying servos, receiver and other devices)

- Two batteries discharging simultaneously

- Main battery with the backup battery

UniPower has three outputs:

-the first supplying servos and receiver: it is provided with a voltage regulator managing up to 30A; you can set the output voltage at any value between 5V and 7.4V turning the selctor by a screwdriver.

-the second supplying the engine (spark ignition or turbine): it is not stabilized

-the third, divided in 3 branches, supplying landing gear, brakes, smoke system or light system: it is not stabilized and each branch is protected by fuse (two 5A and one 10A).

Turning on and off is by the button on the device; three high light red LEDs show the batteries status keeping memory of the lowest battery voltage; you can get the button and LEDs out of the model using hte optional external panel (item 90010701)

Integrated MPX connectors and all accessories for mounting are included

Technical Details:

- Operating voltage: 6V-8,4V

- Power source: 2x 2S Lixx or 2x 5S Nixx and 1x 3S Lixx

- Output RX: stabilized programmable from 5V to 7.4V 30A

- Output THR:7,4-11,1V not stabilized 25A

- Output AUX: 7,4V not stabilized protected by fuses

- Double battery indicator with memory of the lowest voltage

- Dimensions: 65x61x25mm

- Weight 70gr