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Alewings RR16


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Alewings RR16


The new double battery power unit RR16 Alewings manages up to 4 receivers of BUS type and 16 servos, divided in two groups, each of which is regulated by a voltage regulator programmable independently.

Size extremely compact, high number of channels and servos managed and mostly deliverable current of 20+20A  make it the best choice for all maxi scale models, aerobatics, gliders or jets.

It is compatible with receivers BUS of type sBUS, DSMX, HoTT, M-Link and Jeti and provides maximum safety thank to redundancy of the received signal.

It is completely programmable: all 16 servos can be freely associated to one or more channels and for each one it is possible to set direction of rotation, centre position and end point through the “Servo matching” function.  Moreover servos are divided into 2 groups of 8 servos and you can select, independently for each group, the supply voltage of 6.2V or 7.4V; this means that you can easily use servos HV and servos at 6V in the same installation.

A third voltage regulator provides a separated power supply to the receivers.

Programming and visualizing all flight data such as timer, voltage, current, remaining battery charge, receivers status (FailSafe - FrameLost) is possible by connecting the programming display, that can also be installed onboard as monitor. LCD programmer is sold separately (code 90010708).

RR16 can be kept updated to the last firmware version; after downloading on your PC the free software Flash Magic, just connect the unit to the USB port and upload new firmware version. A programming kit is sold separately (code 90010709).

Technical Details:

- Operating voltage: 5V - 9V

- Power source: 2x 2S Lixx

- Current drain: 150mA in use / 150uA in OFF state

- Output voltage for servos: 6.2V – 7.4V, 20 + 20A peak

- Output voltage for receiver: 5.5V - 3.3V, 7A peak

- Receivers / satellites inputs: 2 / 4

- Servo Matching system for all servos

- Signal Frame rate: 7 - 25msec

- Signalsteps: 4096

- Protection again short circuit for all outputs

- Dimensions: 65x61x35mm

- Weight: 100gr including external panel