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Alewings Double Voltage magnet 5-7,4V 20+20A


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Alewings Double Voltage magnet 5-7,4V 20+20A

Two batteries power supply unit with two programmable stabilized outputs. It accepts in input two batteries LiPo 2S 7,4V; the voltage of the two independent outputs can be set from 5V to 7,4V. (It is ideal also for applications with HV servos). The voltage is regulated in linear way moving the selector on the device with a screw driver.

It is provided with two voltage regulators, two electronic switches controlled by magnetic key and with an external panel featuring two battery status indicators keeping memory of low battery level.

It has been designed for supplying with redundancy receivers with two battery inputs or for supplying with only two batteries receivers, servos and electronic ignition of gas engine.

Moreover it can be used with units managing servos such as MAC16 and UniServo.

The packaging includes the magnetic key, the external panel and a 300mm flat cable for connection. Battery inputs and outputs are equipped with MPX connectors.

Technical details:

- Operating voltage: 6V - 8,4V

- Power source: 2x2S LiPo

- Current drain: 50mA (in ON state) / 95uA (in OFF state)

- Output1 voltage programmable from 5V to 7,4V 20A peak

- Output2 voltage programmable from 5V to 7,4V 20A peak

- Double battery indicator with memory of the lowest voltage

- Dimensions: 65x61x25mm

- Weight: 71gr