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Alewings Y cable module HV with programmable servo reverse


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Alewings Y cable module HV with programmable servo reverse

Y Reverse Module is connected to a receiver channel in order to reverse the rotation sense of a servo as regards to another. Thanks to a micro-controller on board you can set the centre position of Reverse output, while the centre position of the servo with no-reverse movement is managed by Sub Trim function on your transmitter. In addition the circuit realizes servo signal filtering function and it is compatible with all kind of servos on sale. It is extremely accurate and steady with a readable resolution of 0,025° and a writing resolution of 0,1°. You can set it easily using your transmitter and the button on the device.

Technical Details:

- Operating voltage: 4V - 9V

- Setting of central position of the reversed servo

- Signal frame rate accepted: from 7 to 25msec

- Signal steps: 4096

- Protection against short circuit for each servo output

- Dimensions: 29x15x5mm

- Weight: 5gr

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