Schübeler DS-30-AXI HDS

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Schübeler DS-30-AXI HDS

The new Schübeler HDS fans offer high-tech fan technology for a wide market segment.

The new fan of the 69 and 90 mm class is based on the Schuebeler HDS technology. This technique is characterized by an ingenious mix of materials , which leads to excellent technical features combined with an affordable price.

We have put a lot of effort and our full turbomachinery expertise into the development process of the HDS fans.

On the basis of our CFD optimization the blades of the new fans are highly efficient , broadband and quiet. In addition, they were designed mechanically very strong and very rigid through our FEA calculations. The times of rubbing and twisting rotor blades are gone with the DS-30-AXI and DS-51-AXI HDS.

The stator consists of high-strength machined aircraft aluminum and guarantees perfect fan motor cooling. This is unique in this class.

The fan housing made from unidirectional carbon fiber is bonded to the aluminum stator. The housing is very stiff and allows the realization of a very small tip clearence. This leads to a higher static thrust when the fan is installed in the model.

The DS-30-AXI HDS allows a motor diameter of max. 28mm. The hole pattern of the aluminum frame fits for all standard brushless motors. The rotor has a 4mm H7 bore.

Datenblatt DS-30-AXI HDS
Measurements DS-30-AXI HDS / HET2W20
Measurements DS-30-AXI HDS / HET2W23
Measurements DS-30-AXI HDS / Tenshock 1540-9