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Titan ZG 20


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Titan ZG 20

  • Very cheap running costs, less than 1 litre per hour with normal two stroke petrol mix.
  • Digital battery ignition with automatic advance, Hall sensor triggered.
  • Runs on one single LiIon or LiPo cell.
  • Hand starting is child?s play.
  • Walbro pump carburettor, can be mounted in 90 degree steps.
  • Super light magnesium die-cast crankcase..
  • Extremely smooth running due to crankshaft being mounted in three ball races and double counterweights.
  • Very long life due to roller bearings both ends of the conrod.
  • Very thin pinned piston ring allowing largest possible transfer passages with optimum exhaust and inlet ports.

Due to it`s very low weight and small size, the Titan ZG 20 is ideal for models normally powered by 10 to 20 cc glow engines, either two or four stroke.Fuel is made up from lead-free petrol mixed with BelRay H1R in a ratio of 50:1. This fuel is certainly a lot cheaper than glow fuel. Petrol mixes do not affect the paints, so it is no longer necessary to use the expensive, glow fuel resistant model paint. The carburettor high and low speed needles need only the initial adjustment and require no further settings ever. Due to the integral pump the tank can be fixed in any position in the fuselage. Corrosion problems as is with methanol based fuels are non-existent with petrol. Surprising is the very smooth running and low tickover speed.

For the first time Komatsu Zenoah is using a high performance micro processor battery ignition with automatic timing advancement, specially developed for this engine. This ignition unit is unusually powerful and this makes for very easy hand starting. The high tension cable is well screened with a metal plug cap. We fit the ignition module with a CNC-milled base for protecting the wires and to provide an easy installation in the model. Ideal power source is a LiIon cell (3,6V) having a capacity of 2,600 mAh, alternatively a 3,6V (3 cells) NiMH or NiCd battery can be used. The Micro processor can operate down to 3 volts. For revs above 12,000 RPM 4 cells (4,8V) are recommended. 15,000 RPM, as sometimes required for model boats, is then possible.

The ideal propellers are the APC 17x8"N or the APC 16x8". If the ground clearance is restricted one can use the APC 15x10". Fiala propellers in the following sizes are suitable: 15x8", 16x8" and 17x6", and also the Super Silence carbon fibre propellers: 15x11", 16x8" Pro and 16x10". Using the mini pipe #2593 the 18x8" Super Silence Pro CF-Prop is a good choice for quiet flying, while the 18x6" Fiala is perfect for 3-D aerobatics.

The Titan ZG 20 is supplied complete with ignition unit, silencer, intake tube and aluminium motor mounting plate. The battery and the ignition switch are not included.

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  • Displacement: 20,1 cm3
  • Bore x Stroke: 32 x 25 mm
  • Power: 1,73 hp / 1,27 kW at 11.000 RPM
  • Torque: 1,23 Nm 9000 RPM
  • Weight: 820 g 
  • incl. engine mount: 850 g
  • and intake trumpet: 860 g
  • and ignition: 1.040 g
  • and Silencer: 1.185 g